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Insurance frustration

I have 2 motorcycles. One is a NTV 600 Revere, the other a SLR 650. The NTV is 15 years old and the SLR is 8 years old. I insure both bike third party fire and theft for £154.00. I think this is a very reasonable price that I am quite happy to pay.

I am frustrated with the cost of petrol though. Both bikes will return 50 to 55 mpg which compared to a car and some sports bikes is better than average, but I travel approximately 15,000 miles per year which costs around £1300 each year in fuel. This figure is steadily rising as petrol prices increase.

As such I am considering selling the SLR and replacing it with the very uncool, but incredibly frugal Honda ANF 125 Innova. The Innova should return between 120 and 140 mpg, more than halving my annual fuel bill. The Innova is a much slower motorcycle than the SLR, cheaper to buy and run and most people would consider this to be a very cheap bike to insure. Not so.

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Common myths about car insurance debunked!

There are many myths about car insurance that have been floating around for years, and some of them may affect your buying decision. Educate yourself--or un-educate yourself, in this case--and you can make the smartest decision about your car insurance.

Myth: The day you turn 25 (or 18, or 35,) your car insurance rates go down.

It is true that most insurance companies lower rates as drivers get more experience, often at age 25. But it won't do any good to call your car insurance company on your twenty-fifth birthday, because you won't be re-rated that day. An insurance company generally is commiting itself to a rate when it sends you your renewal bill, and unless you make a change in the middle of your policy period, you won't be rated again until your next insurance renewal.

The good news about this is that accidents and tickets work the same way. If you get a ticket after you have already received your renewal, you normally won't be charged any points on your car insurance until it renews again or until you make a change to your policy.

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The Safest Cars In USA

Which cars are the safest cars in the United States, you may wonder. Is it BMW, Ford, Chevy? As far as car security matters, only eight of the 2004 model cars on the market have earned perfect scores in crash tests conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Here are the criterias: To pass the auto security test, the vehicle had to get perfect marks in all of the following categories:

five-star ratings--the highest available--in NHTSA's frontal
and side vehicle crash tests

five-star rollover resistance ratings

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